If you’re buying an electric car for fun or just running around town, how about a little hot rod like this Lightning Electric Car? It’s lighter, which means more power, and has better range and absolutely thrilling acceleration. Made by a little-known company called EnviroTech, the new product hits 60 miles per hour from start in just 5 seconds and looks hot doing it.

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The Lightning electric hot rod is based on designs of Indy race cars from the 1930s and ’40s, but it has modern steering, brakes, and suspension. It has a range of 40 miles between charges, and the company claims that recharging only costs about 30 cents in electricity. Despite its small size, top speed is over 100 miles per hour. You can even build one of these yourself, with chassis and other parts sold separately. Or, purchase a complete vehicle for about $20,000 after the federal tax credit, and rock your commute in green style.

+ EnviroTech

Via Plugin Cars