If the people on your gift list this year are ardent bird lovers, then you might like to look into gift ideas that also benefit our littlefeathered friends. Since wild bird numbers have been dwindling in recent years due to pesticides, habitat loss, and murder by pet cats allowed to roam (and hunt) outdoors, they can use all the extra help and love they can get. Read on past the jump to discover a few of the great gift ideas that give back to wild birdsaround the world:

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Bird-Friendly Coffee

Millions of people around the world are avid coffee drinkers, but current coffee-growing methods wreak a fair bit of havoc on natural habitats, as well as the birds that live in them. Clearcutting and massive pesticide use have decimated the tropical habitats where coffee is grown, but bird-friendly companies like those listed below are certified as ensuring minimal use of chemicals (if they use any at all), and ensured shade cover from indigenous trees.

+ Birds and Beans

+ Caffe Ibis

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Cat Enclosures

Of the 80+ million pet cats in the USA, nearly half of them are allowed to roam free outside. Add to that another 50 million feral cats (thanks to owners not spaying/neutering their pets), and the results are devastating. Over 2 BILLION birds are killed by catsevery year in the United States alone, adding to the decline of songbird numbers across the country. Pet owners who’d still like to let Mr. Floofles play outside without any worry can set up an enclosure so their cats stay as safe as the wild birds they like to watch.

+ Catios

bird, birds, save the birds, bird-friendly, bird conservation

Support Bird Conservation

Sponsoringa bird speciesor buying a gift membership to a conservation organization is a great idea, and until the end of December, a year-long membership to the American Bird Conservancy is only $30. They’re dedicated to conserving native birds and their habitats, taking on the toughest challenges facing wild birds today, working towards eliminating threats and halting extinctions.

+ American Bird Conservancy

Remember that you can also help your local birds by putting out feeders during the winter months, keeping your (neutered!) cats indoors, and eliminating any pesticides on your own property. The birds will thank you.

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