Want a multi-functional tool that is also eco-friendly? The Hunt 4.0 by London-based SEPTEM Studio is a rechargeable flashlight you can plug into your laptop. It’s also a lighter and a multi-purpose opener tool that fits on your keychain.

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An open palm holding a small three in one tool with the words "The worlds coolest flashlight" in the corner

Hunt 4.0 is the seventh Kickstarter from its creators. It is set to start production after orders received up until the Kickstarter’s deadline in early January 2022.

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A hand reaching for the HUNT 4.0 tool

Hunt 4.0 works in two lighting modes and has a high-powered cree emitter in a titanium body. The flashlight portion of the tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery that will last one and a half hours at maximum brightness, or up to seven hours if you turn it down to the lower 20 lumens mode. That’s enough to take for camping or outdoors where you need extra light.

Three cuts of photos showing the tool being used as a flashlight, a lighter and a pry-bar

The Hunt 4.0 tool also fills a tiny compartment with lighter fluid and acts as a real lighter. The end of the tool is a flat-head screwdriver or bottle opener that can be used for any task. It’s water resistant and hardy enough to withstand the jangling of your keychain no matter where you keep it.

The small three-in-one tool sitting in a box full of other everyday items such as a coin

All of these functions are packed into something that fits on your keychain. Hunt 4.0 is just 2.8 inches long and .55 inches across, or about the size of your pinky finger. We love the compact size and durability of a tiny flashlight multi-tool that doesn’t need constant battery changes.

A hand pinching the tool above an open tool kit

Of course you do need a power source with mini USB to recharge. To recharge the Hunt 4.0, you just unscrew the top of the flashlight tool and plug into the USB in the neck of the device. If you have a vehicle with USB that can charge this, you’ll never run out of light while on the road.

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Images via SEPTEM Studio