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Grove Towers is a 77,000 sq m project designed by 3XN and developed by Ornate Spaces. The base, similar in concept to mangrove stalks braided together at the ground, will feature clusters of retail and will rise up to amenity spaces at the podium level before joining the two residential towers. The two towers will reach 38 stories and 136 meters (446 ft tall) with 273 apartments. Each residence will enjoy views from two facades, either of the Indian Ocean to the west or of mangroves to the north.

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Grove Towers has been designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, and GXN, 3XN’s Innovation Unit in the design process, integrates environmental and economical design for the long term. The building’s facade features solar shading devices that reduce heat gain, while still allowing for daylighting and natural ventilation. Over 2,500 sq m of vertical gardens will work to improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions.

“With this design for Grove Towers, we wanted to create something special for Mumbaikars and Ornate Spaces,” said Kim Herforth Nielsen, Principal and Creative Director for 3XN. “Each time I visit, I am overwhelmed at how much I see the strength of community in all aspects of Indian life. I want this to be a vertical community that brings people together, and becomes a setting for growth and life.”

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The project just broke ground with a special event hosted by Ornate Spaces called Bhumi Puja, a ceremony asking Mother Nature to bless the construction, the building and all involved in the project.

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