In many ways, the trees in a forest function together. Root systems intertwine and the trees become like an organism made up of individual parts. That’s exactly what this unique home design from Kuba & Pilař architekti is like. Known as Four Houses in One, the project comprises four separate volumes that all share the same base, almost like a system working together to form one cohesive housing complex.

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These housing volumes are supported on the same green-roofed base. In fact, greenery is what unifies this design. There is a grid of low hedges and baskets full of plants that create private gardens around the adjoining wooden decks.

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gray buildings on a green-roofed base
aerial view of gray buildings with green roofs

The building was designed to match the surrounding pre-war architecture in the area. The set of four volumes fits into the area beautifully. The new residential complex has plenty to offer. Two of the volumes have four floors aboveground as well as an underground floor. It’s all connected by a staircase hall with elevators. The other two buildings have two to three aboveground floors. Above the buildings, there is a private courtyard on the roof with gardens connected to the apartments inside.

glass wall revealing forest views
plant-filled courtyards between gray buildings

The volumes are made with brick and reinforced concrete, while the facades are made with brick slips. Aluminum sliding panels add contrast. The floors in the common areas are cast terrazzo. Sand lime blocks were used for the walls and partitions, and the window frames are built with wood. Aluminum was used for the skylight and entrance door frames. These building materials are all contrasted and complemented by the main theme of the design, greenery.

aerial view of green-roofed buildings
gray pre-war-style architectural building at dusk

The project is located in the Masaryk district of the Czech Republic. The goal was to create a design that could fit seamlessly into the neighborhood while still optimizing certain eco-friendly elements, such as all the greenery that ties the design together. That goal was clearly achieved. Now, this innovative project serves as a blueprint and an inspiration for other residential designs to follow in the future.

+ Kuba & Pilař architekti

Photography by BoysPlayNice via Linka News