4/704 from ALONG CAME A SPIDER on Vimeo.

Artist Rosie O’Reilly questions the social and environmental story of our time with 4/704, an installation that ran as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2013. There are on average 704 high tides a year; 4/704 physically recorded four of them on Sandymount Strand, transferring the mark of their rise and fall onto garments over 48 hours. 4 of 704 explores our vulnerability in the face of rising sea levels, making visual and tangible things that go unnoticed.

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Irish sea levels will rise by 1/2 meter by the end of the century and flooding and coastal storm surges will become the norm. New York’s visit from Hurricane Sandy has left the mark of rising sea levels around its bay, and now an unseen tide mark exists on the city’s economic, political and human systems as they struggle to adapt. 4/704 questions what it means to live on a tidal island in the face of rising sea levels.

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