Artists Mike and Doug Starn just built the largest bamboo structure ever out of 10,000 bamboo poles and 80,000 meters of climbing rope. Over the course of seven weeks, 25 rock climbers built the 17-meter-high installation without using a single architectural sketch. 5,000 Arms to Hold You was built at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and visitors are welcome to navigate and explore its intricate structure.

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Bamboo poles are lightweight, flexible, and rapidly renewable – and the Starn brothers’ latest installation creates a delicate balance between order and chaos. 5,000 Arms to Hold You seeks to open up a dialogue about man-made and animal-made shelters while constantly reminding us of the changing reality of nature.

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The artists supervised 25 professional rock climbers as they went back and forth between working independently and as a team. This theme of participation and interdependency is common in Starn Brothers’ work, which is even more interesting considering that they are identical twins. Visitors are welcome to enter and climb the structure as it changes over the course of the installation.

+ Mike and Doug Starn

+ The Israel Museum

Via This Is Colossal

Photos by Elie Posner, The Israel Museum