From tiny hydrogen powered vehicles to pint-size solar powered cars, we love seeing toys that put renewable energy into growing kids hands. Thus we were excited to see this 6-in-1 Solar Building Kit by OWIKits at this year’s CES. The kit consists of 21 parts that can be easily assembled into a number of solar-powered toys, from an airboat to a car to a walking puppy.

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We are big believers in using children’s toys to educate our young ones about the benefits of green and alternative energy, and what better way to teach your children than by putting renewable technologies at their fingertips? Each OWIKits Solar Building kit comes complete with a solar panel, a small motor, and an assortment of snap-together parts that combine to create an airboat, car, windmill, puppy, and two different planes. Best of all, the kits are very affordable ranging from $15 to $20.

Craig Morioka, President of OwiKit says: “Our kits are designed to involve, engage and educate. Being able to say ‘I built this myself’ gives kids a great sense of accomplishment”.

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