When you walk into a warm-weather shindig, you want all eyes to be on you! And what better way to achieve that effect than with a showstopping, summery sustainable dress. We’ve compiled 7 of our favorite eco-conscious frocks, shifts, and gowns from best eco-steal (so you don’t have to break the bank) to most versatile (so you can wear it over and over again) for your viewing pleasure. Click through the gallery to see our recommendations and prices.

+ ecoSkin Jacinth Dress at The Greenloop

+ Mika Machida Flamingo Dress at the Inhabitatshop

+ Lara Miller Chelly Dress at Nimli

+ Allison Parris Silk Taffeta and Silk Organza Cocktail Dress at Allison Parris

+ Julia Smith Renae Dress at Fashion Conscience

+ Allison Parris Silk Strapless Cocktail Dress with Carved Brass Paillettes at Allison Parris

+ Deux FM Kat Dress at The Greenloop