We love this prefab home because it’s extremely energy efficient and affordable coming in at under $75,000 for the smaller model and under $94,000 for the larger model. Clayton Homes, the largest manufacturers of mobile homes in the U.S., recently released this high tech green home that is far removed from your standard trailer park dwelling.

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Coined the “i-house,” it is 30 percent more energy efficient than regular homes – with monthly energy bills topping at under $70 a month. Equipped with solar panels on the roof that cut energy consumption in half, energy-efficient appliances, super insulation, and “low emissivity” film windows just to name a few!

Clayton Homes expects to sell 2000 i-houses per year because of it’s attraction to first-time home buyers with it’s low price or people who are looking for an energy-efficient, affordable vacation home. Each model can be configured seven different ways but all the homes come with the standard corrugated steel siding, a roof that collects rainwater, bamboo floors and low-VOC paint. Popular Mechanics said that the home has the look-and-feel of a home built by IKEA, offering the type of customization and style that we have come to expect from the Swedish company.

via Fast Company and Jetson Green