Colorado-based Timeless Travel Trailers has unveiled a bevy of stunning converted Airstreams, but its latest design is by far one of its best. Re-configuring a 30-year-old, 37-foot Airstream Excella for a family of six was challenging to say the least, but the designers came through in spades, creating a sleek, contemporary home on wheels complete with plenty of seating and sleeping space for the family.

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inside an Airstream with three sofas

Families often dream of hitting the road in a beautiful RV, but when it comes to large families, the logistics of traveling with so many can be a headache. Thankfully, when the design team was approached by a New York family about renovating an old Airstream that would be able to comfortably hold their family of six, the Colorado-based company took the challenge head on.

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Aistream interior with sofas, small kitchen and a TV on the wall

a wooden dining nook with an adjacent kitchen

After cleaning up the Airstream’s signature aluminum cladding on the exterior and interior, the designers went to work creating a comfortable living space. Having gutted the original interior, the team custom-built three sofas that would fit in the living space. Not only do the sofas provide ample seating, but two of the couches fold out into a full-sized bed. Additionally, there are four bunk beds in the master bedroom, two of which convert into a king-sized bed.

couches pulled out into a large bed

a double bed with mustard-colored decor

With the sleeping and seating spaces taken care of, the designers then focused on creating special touches for the family’s needs. On the main wall of the interior, they installed a pop-up projection screen with a stereo system for the ultimate movie nights.

two sofas with a flat-screen TV on the wall

a white and marble kitchen inside an airstream

Adjacent to the living room, the contemporary kitchen is light and airy thanks to marble veneer waterfall countertops and white cabinetry. Across the aisle, a nook was built out with a small bar that includes a wine chiller and hide-away liquor storage that lifts up from the counter at the push of a button — a perfect feature to help the adults unwind.

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a beige and white sofa with end table