Indonesian firm Atelier Riri has designed a stunning eco-resort on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The small Kiyakabin Resort is an intimate, village-esque layout with just four cabins that open up to breathtaking, beachside views of the Bali Sea. The retreat’s cabins were made with locally-sourced charred timber and built with traditional construction methods by local builders.

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charred timber huts in front of a pool

The Kiyakabin resort has just four units: three accommodations and a communal restaurant and dining area. The guest rooms are arranged in a strategic manner with the swimming pool at the center. This was an intentional decision by the architects to pay homage to the traditional villages of the local Sasak ethnic group.

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charred timber huts in front of a pool

image of view from inside an open-air resort

“Kiyakabin was designed and built to represent the Sasak culture,” the architecture studio explained. “Built in collaboration with local artisans, Kiyakabin wants to combine the characters of local vernacular living with a modern yet low-energy building concept.”

room with a large open view of the beach

room with dining tables and chairs

The four cabins were constructed out of a timber frame and clad in locally-grown teak wood that was charred using the Shou Sugi Ban technique. The charred timber facades not only give the resort a modern feel; it is also a strategic feature that will protect the buildings from the affects of the sea climate.

dining area open to the outdoors

aerial shot of woman on a float in a pool

Two of the four timber cabins sit on the ground, with one facing the beach and one facing the swimming pool. The third cabin is raised off the ground on stilts to provide stunning views of the natural surroundings. The fourth and largest cabin houses the restaurant and dining area. This space is open on two sides to provide beautiful views as well as natural air circulation while dining.

charred timber huts in front of a pool

resort with palms trees and a swimming pool

The interior of the guests rooms were clad in the same natural teak wood as the exteriors but without the charred finish. The exposed natural wood, also used in the furniture, creates a soothing living space that contrasts nicely with the dark exteriors. Simple but luxurious bedding and natural woven textures add a bit of local style into the interior design.

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Photography by William Sutanto via Atelier Riri

aerial image of a beachside resort with pool