This set of chairs by Analog Media Lab is more than just a nouveau ant farm, or an atrium fused with antique seating. Chair I: Rococo Armchair Retrofit and Chair II: Ghost Chair Retrofit are part of an experimental series created by a group of designers set on exploring the interface between human and insect life. By bringing nature into the home, particularly with domesticated insects (e.g., ants, termites, moths), individuals can examine the impact that human evolution has had on insects through time – insects which have consequently come to be considered only as unproductive and problematic pests that have a penchant for taking up house in our humble abodes.

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The chairs arrive in two flavors — as previously mentioned an antique infusion, and alternatively in a molded plastic form. With an easy channel for insect transfer created between the chair and a perimeter wall through a clear and flexible tube, Chair I and Chair II become a part of the outdoors while still remaining indoors. Any nesting and reproductive behaviors that occur within will be easily visible, with an extra added compliment of a bit of foliage. If you ask us, this could be an excellent educational tool and interesting (to say the least) avant-garde addition to any living space!

Analog Media Lab is the collaborative effort of David L. Hays, Kevin Stewart and Shuangshuang Wu.

Via Pruned