A group of scientists have discovered a new way to build the next-generation batteries for electric cars. The new batteries will not lose their capacity even after hundreds of charging cycles. The breakthrough has been attained by a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia and Yokohama National University in Japan. The researchers say that the discovery now provides a viable alternative to current batteries.

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In their study, the researchers investigated a new type of positive electrode material. The material was found to have “unprecedented stability” and can be used in durable solid-state batteries

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Solid-state batteries are hailed as the potential game changer in the electric vehicle industry. They have the ability to overcome the technical limitations of lithium-ion batteries used to power most consumer electronics. Due to their stability, more players in the industry have been working to better solid-state battery technology. 

Until now, solid-state battery technology has faced some limitations in regard to durability. When the batteries are charged repeatedly, they can get damaged. The damages happen to the interface between electrodes and the electrolyte. This makes the batteries unsuitable for commercial purposes.

In testing the new battery, it was established that it has the capacity to retain over 300 mAH without any degradation after hundreds of charges. The researchers said that the feat was achieved by combining the positive electrode with an ideal solid-state electrolyte.

“The absence of capacity fading over 400 cycles clearly indicates the superior performance of this material compared with those reported for conventional all-solid-state cells with layered materials,” said Associate Professor Neeraj Sharma from UNSW. “This finding could drastically reduce battery costs. The development of practical high-performance solid-state batteries can also lead to the development of advanced electric vehicles.”

Solid-state batteries are termed the next big thing in electric vehicle technology. For a long time now, electric vehicle manufacturers have been working on advancing current battery technology. Simon Erhard, one of BMW’s top engineers, recently said that lithium-ion batteries have peaked in terms of performance. He predicted that it is only a matter of time before solid-state batteries take over. 

The researchers behind the findings are now hoping that the finding will make it possible to commercialize the batteries. 

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