When it comes to restoring old Airstreams, there’s a bevy of beautiful design options out there. But the expert team from Colorado-based Timeless Travel Trailers has just unveiled a marvelous Airstream conversion that is really one for the books. The company had its task cut out for itself when a client asked Timeless Travel Trailers to restore a rare, almost 60-year-old trailer. The result? A gorgeous interior design scheme that pays homage to the Airstream’s midcentury origins thanks to a shiny aluminum interior skin, bamboo flooring and plenty of wood paneling.

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aluminum exterior of 40-foot-long Airstream

Like most aging Airstreams, this trailer has a very interesting history. In 1962, the Western Pacific Railroad Company commissioned 10 40-foot Airstream trailers to be used as housing for workers laying rail track. The provided trailers were different from Airstream‘s typical size and layout in that they were manufactured by riveting two 20-foot trailers together. When Union Pacific Railroad acquired Western Pacific in 1989, most of the 10 trailers were put out to pasture, either completely destroyed, put in museums or auctioned off, which is how one man became the proud owner of one of these unique trailers.

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Airstream interior with gray sofa and wood TV stand

Airstream interior with kitchen with white counters and wood cabinets

When tasked with converting the Western Pacific Airstream into a modern living space to be used as a vacation home, the team from Timeless Travel Trailers used the trailer’s history as inspiration. Once the exterior was gleamed back to the oh-so-recognizable Airstream shine, the interior was outfitted with a remarkable design worthy of the trailer’s storied past.

Airstream interior with aluminum walls and a gray sofa

gray sofa and wood and red table inside an Airstream

The first thing to catch the eye is the glimmering aluminum skin that covers the walls and ceiling, creating a vibrant atmosphere that is enhanced by an undeniable mid-century flair. An extra-wide galley provides ample space for the central living room, which features wide-plank bamboo flooring and cabinets made out of a rich walnut veneer. A custom-made sofa wraps around the space, providing plenty of room for socializing, something not often possible in most Airstreams.

a bedroom with red accent wall

On the left, bathroom with black and white tiles. On the right, kitchen countertop with snacks.

Additionally, horizontal windows provide optimal natural light that reflects playfully off the aluminum walls. In contrast to the heavy wood features and furnishings, the kitchen and bathroom feature solid white counters and geometric black-and-white ceramic backsplash. Throughout the space, additional furnishings speak to the midcentury style, such as the lime green pendant lamps and bright red accent walls.

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