This isn’t a new idea by any means: we’ve showed you expandable honeycomb folding chairs before from Molo and Charles Kaisin Design. However, the joy of watching this video makes us realize that it takes motion picture to really express the beauty of this great design idea – photos just don’t do justice. The panache with which this dude unfolds and refolds the chair in the video (plus the funny canned “oohs and aaahs” of kids in the background) make this particular foldable honeycomb chair very appealing. You must watch the video!

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Addendum: Unfortunately, it has recently come to our attention that this clever design idea was ripped off from Molo, the originators of the “Soft” honeycomb folding chair. Apparently Molo had been in talks with a factory that went ahead and produced a similar design without them. So if you like this design (and who doesn’t?), and you want your own expandable honeycomb chair, please do the right thing and support the the original designers: + Molo Softchair

Via Core77