A previously industrial area in the southern part of Milan has a long-term plan for renewed development. Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) is putting the finishing touches on a building in the area that not only honors sustainable practices but aims to create a uniquely healthy environment for employees, too.

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Dubbed Building D, the office building is the second to be completed in the Symbiosis business district in Milan, Italy. Investment real estate firm Covivio is the client behind the project and works under the mission to “Build sustainable relationships and wellbeing.” With this in mind, the design team at ACPV has redefined what the company’s workspaces look like.

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rendering of glass office building with V-shaped support columns at the base

Encompassing 20,000 square meters, Building D features a four-story section with a roof garden and cantilevered design along with a nine-story volume that includes a rooftop outdoor space for employees to stroll or exercise. Inside, the building features flexible workspaces to accommodate the changing and varied needs of employees, including areas to collaborate and easily connect with remote workers. It also includes a kitchenette, gym and resting spaces that emphasize healthy lifestyles for employees.

rendering of concrete and glass office building surrounded by courtyards

“As business increasingly moves online and a growing number of people choose to work remotely, the culture of work is changing fast and in various ways,” said architect Patricia Viel. “Building D addresses this shift by transforming the traditional office into an attractive and welcoming meeting place where people want to work precisely because they can find spaces and services they may need throughout the day.”

rendering of concrete and glass office building lit up at night

Building D is being built to WELL core (Bronze minimum) certification and LEED core and shell Platinum certifications. This means it not only caters to high energy-efficiency standards but also places attention on air and water quality, water management, ergonomic design and even cleaning products used in the space.

office building under construction

The project is part of a larger urban development plan with several structural elements that mirror the completed Fastweb Headquarters next door. Public pathways invite visitors into and between the buildings, both designed by ACPV.


Images via ACPV