Actress Shailene Woodley was arrested on Monday during a live Facebook broadcast at a Dakota Access Pipeline protest. The Divergent star arrived at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to oppose the project’s continuing construction, only to be taken away two hours later in handcuffs for “criminal trespassing.”

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On Sunday, a federal court denied a request from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to halt construction of the 1,170 mile pipeline, meaning – for now – it will will move forward. Protestors have gathered at the site in Standing Rock to speak out against the decision, including the 24-year-old actress.

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Woodley broadcast the protest on a live Facebook feed, preceded by tweets announcing her arrival. “Riot police are arriving at this peaceful protest where people are praying,” she said after she first arrived. “They have frickin’ batons.” Her arrest can be seen in the footage. She says an officer grabbed her jacket and another officer can be heard announcing her arrest for criminal trespassing. Before going offscreen, she says, “I hope you’re watching mainstream media.”

Via The Daily Dot