Nothing says romance like a hiking trip to scenic Arizona with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, but one Instagram photo could lead to big trouble for actress Vanessa Hudgens. She posted (and has since deleted) an image of a heart on a red rock, containing the names “Austin + Vanessa.” It might seem like a sweet gesture, but defacing protected national park lands is illegal. Authorities are now trying to locate the scene of the alleged crime, as well as any witnesses who might be able to point fingers at the guilty parties.

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Hudgens, who recently made headlines for appearing as Rizzo in a live performance of Grease just hours after her father passed away, posted a number of scenes from her vacation with her special Valentine, boyfriend Austin Butler. The heart-shaped art is thought to be part of the Coconino National Forest near Sedona, and it’s difficult to tell whether it was carved into the face of the rock or merely drawn on with chalk. Either way, the Red Rock Ranger District wants to know more.

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Anyone convicted of vandalizing protected lands faces fines up to $5,000 and/or as much as six months in jail. The Department of Justice reports that the minimum fine for such an offense is $100 and/or a three-month jail sentence. Investigators are now trying to locate the sweethearts’ rock art, as well as anyone who can offer any information about how it got there. It’s unlikely that the 27-year-old actress or her beau will face any jail time, but one or both of them could be fined for violating a federal law that prohibits “damaging natural surfaces or property of the United States.”

This is why many lovebirds choose to make their declarations of love in the sand, rather than permanently defacing a protected natural landscape.

Via DailyMail Online

Images via Shutterstock and Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram