Today over 1 billion people around the world need — but lack — access to eyeglasses. Seeking to provide for this need, Adlens has created a set of specs affixed with fluid-filled lenses whose magnification can be adjusted with just a simple turn of the dial! A clever design for health and well being, the ingenious lens could prove to be particularly useful in the developing world, where resources for vision care are scarce or priced beyond the means of individuals.

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Adlens’ liquid lenses offer a brilliantly way to cope with bad vision. Their simple, versatile design could provide clear vision to millions of people around the world whose poor eyesight hinders their quality of life as well as their access to education and many forms of employment.

Adlens forgoes a large inventory for a unique lens design that can be adapted to thousands of different prescriptions. Since very little expertise is required for adjustment, glasses can also be shared amongst users to provide a quick fix in an emergency. Adlens is available via Adaptive Eyewear, a British non-profit focusing on eradicating this issue.

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