Tea company Taylors of Harrogate teamed up with Kew Gardens to design the Grand Beedapest Hotel, a luxury bee hotel à la Wes Anderson. Through their enchanting design, Taylors aims to raise awareness about bee population decline and inspire people to grow bee-friendly flowers and herbs such as lavender, geraniums, and sage. Bees are largely responsible for the fruits that help flavor Taylors tea, but pesticides, pollution, and habitat loss have all contributed to bee decline. According to one study, the same amount of bees live in cities as in rural areas, so Taylors decided to fight against habitat loss and illustrate how cities can actually help urban-dwelling bees thrive. Their quirky Grand Beedapest Hotel features a swimming pool with mint leaves, restaurant with roses and pollen, and a luxury suite with a rhubarb sugar water bath.

+ The Story of Bees

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