With projects like the Burj Khalifa under his belt, architect Adrian Smith has become synonymous with supertall skyscrapers – so it’s no surprise that his firm, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, is the creative force behind Imperial Tower, a 116-story tower that’s proposed for Mumbai. The only problem with building such a tall tower in Mumbai is dealing with the wind, but AS+GG have come up with a solution for that. The firm claims that the skinny tower is aerodynamically shaped to “confuse the wind.” Strange as that may sound, the tower will also feature several sky gardens that the firm says will further help to break up wind currents around the building.

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Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill was just named the winner of a competition for its design of Imperial Tower. At 116 floors and 1,300 feet, the Imperial Tower will be Mumbai’s tallest tower — if it is built. The tower will be the SD Corporation Pvt. Ltd., but for any undertaking as big as this one, it’s far from guaranteed that it will reach construction.

In addition to helping to mitigate wind, AS+GG says the sky gardens will provide access to light and excellent views to the building’s 132 residential units. The building will also harvest rainwater to be recycled in the units, and gray water will also be reused within the building. The building’s exterior walls and cladding will be designed diffuse sunlight and limit solar heat gain, cutting down on the need for air conditioning within the tower. The tower will also feature high-efficiency mechanical systems and its podium will be covered in a green wall.

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