Advene has just restocked its Age bag, an accessory that is transparently constructed and designed to eliminate unnecessary plastics. Advene releases one product at a time, using responsible materials to create its designs along with a commitment to reducing harmful plastic waste throughout the process.

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The name Advene is taken from “advenience.” This term was coined by Roland Barthes, a philosopher who used the word to describe art that stirs something up inside of you when you see it. Environmentalists may be stirred not just by the design of the Age bag, but by the fact that it is made from 100% traceable leather that has been upcycled from food byproducts. There are no unnecessary plastic fillers. The construction process of the bag is completely transparent thanks to a comprehensive video of how it is manufactured.

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The leather used to make the Age bag is produced in a scope-C gold-standard tannery that has been certified by the Leather Working Group. Customers who opt for minimal packaging to reduce waste get a discount on the bag. The standard packaging is an FSC-certified grayboard box and dust cloth made from GOTA-certified hemp. That’s right: no plastic! That’s the whole point of the Age bag.

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This handbag features a classic silhouette with a handle and a triangular pouch. It can be fastened securely and easily with a magnetic closure. There’s also a detachable shoulder strap, so the wearer has an option to carry the bag two different ways. Both the shoulder strap and the handle strap are adjustable. True to the company mission, no plastic was used to give the bag structure.

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The Age bag sold out quickly after it was first released in November 2020. Advene has launched a restock of the bag, which is now available in cream and black.

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Advene is one of many companies making strides toward sustainable fashion in an effort to eliminate unnecessary waste and source materials responsibly. Companies that are using sustainable materials and eliminating waste in their designs are proof that perhaps the world can be saved — one handbag at a time.

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