AeroVelo’s bullet-shaped Eta speed bike just clocked in as the fastest human-powered bicycle in history. Blasting through world records, rider Todd Reichert hit an astonishing 85.71 miles per hour with his ride on the uber-aerodynamic vehicle. AeroVelo nabbed the new world record at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge last week in Nevada.

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green design, eco design, sustainable design, AeroVelo, Eta, speed bike, World Human Powered Speed Challenge, manpowered vehicle, Todd Reichert AeroVelo’s speed bike is very different from a conventional bicycle, designed to achieve manpowered speed over comfort. First, the structure is enclosed in a bullet-shaped shell, which encases the rider while allowing the bike to be as aerodynamic as possible. The shell gives the bike 100 times less drag than the average car. Rather than sitting vertically like a traditional bicycle, AeroVelo’s speed bike forces the rider to lean back. In order to keep weight evenly distributed, the rider is almost horizontal, pedaling like on a recumbent bicycle, but with hands rested almost straight out in front. With this design, riders can reach maximum speed with only 1 horsepower.

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In the World Human Powered Speed Challenge, bicyclists are given 8 kilometers along Battle Mountain, Nevada on a track that is angled to increase their speed initially. Past the first stretch, a 200 meter portion of flat track is then used to accurately measure high speeds. Earlier this month, AeroVelo’s Eta reached 85.71 miles per hour, smashing last year’s record of 81.13 miles per hour.

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