Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are stationary, while others are on a trailer for mobility. They can be on land or even on the water. This one, called Fàng Sōng, just happens to also be a boat. 

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A home boat floating on a river

The Chinese name translates to relax, which seems appropriate, considering this boat drifts along the water in Berlin, allowing the lapping tide to set the tone. Designed by Crossboundaries for a client who was looking for a refuge that was self-sufficient, comfortable and mobile, the boat was completely redesigned to function as a tiny home, a slow-moving hideaway and an office. 

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An entrance of a home boat

Built during the pandemic, Fàng Sōng meets the needs as a portable workspace with a small desk that folds out from a cabinet to create a waterfront tabletop. It also caters to family time with two fold-down beds and couches both inside the boat cabin and on the outdoor deck. 

An L-shaped red sofa overlooking a view of a water bank

Although the shape of the vessel designated some design elements, the decision to implement convertible furniture and passive design elements came from the client and the design team. Fàng Sōng puts the concept of multi-functional spaces to the test with tables and beds that fold down when in use and disappear into the walls when an open space is required. In all, the boat includes outdoor deck space, indoor living spaces, a bathroom and a kitchen, all in a compact length of about 15 meters and a maximum width of a bit over four meters.

A black exercise bike hidden in a space underneath the flooring with a yellow sofa on the ground floor

The interior design is characterized by the bright red and yellow color palette, and defined craftsmanship can be seen in the details. It also embraces innovative features that include solar panels that power the boat on sunny days. 

A dining space with windows looking out to the ocean

On brisk days or when the evening wind picks up, a pellet stove heats the space with a renewable energy source. The owner also has plans to install a water purification system and a biological sewage treatment unit to upgrade the boat for long journeys.

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Images via Johanna Link