Designer Ai Hasegawa has submitted a proposal to fight food shortages, and it is more than a little unorthodox. I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin recruits human women to become surrogates for endangered animals that are hunted for food. The fantastical project imagines synthesizing a placenta for a shark, tuna or dolphin, which would be carried to term by its human host and then served up for dinner.

For the project, Hasegawa imagines human women gestating the rare Maui dolphin inside their own wombs, taking self-sufficiency to a bizarre extreme, and turning the need to increase food production into a very personal matter by transforming women’s bodies into farms. The designer sees synthetic biology as a way to solve the growing effects of overcrowding, overdevelopment and environmental crisis.

Her project imagines a Dolp-human Placenta that would utilize its human host to come to term. After birth, the animal would require further nurturing before being ready to, well, eat. As if the idea of a human giving birth to a dolphin or another species weren’t odd enough, Hasegawa’s project also raises the issue of mother-child bonding. Would a host mother feel differently about eating an animal raised in her own body?

Although Hasegawa’s project is an inventive approach to tackling the issues of feeding growing global populations, giving birth to one’s own food does not sound like the most appetizing option for menus of the future.

+ Ai Hasegawa

Via Dezeen