Design student Jillian Tackaberry’s Air Drop is a beautiful hanging pendant that uses the purifying power of plants to clean the air in your home! Created for the Electorlux Design Lab competition, the planter features a built-in system that promotes the air-filtering properties of the Tillandsia air plant.

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The Air Drop uses a dual filtration system. The first takes larger particles out of the air that can come from pet dander, or candles. This screening filter is a fan driven air flow system, powered by kinetic or solar energy. The Air Drop is designed to easily disassemble for cleaning the fan areas where dust may collect.

The second level of filtration is through the use of Tillandsia, also know as air plants. This family of plants can live without soil and survive on very little water, so they can be placed in the opening where the Air Drop’s would be hung.

Tackaberry says that “an air plant is more effective than a typical plant which uses soil because the soil can harbor dust and mildew, two common allergens”. Plants have been found to be able to remove harmful gasses from the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene.

The Air Drop is among several concepts entered into the Electrolux Design Lab competition. You can see deatils for all of the concepts, and vote on your favorite on the Design Lab web page.

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