Poor air quality gets relatively minimal attention compared to other environmental concerns like plastic waste or ocean pollution. It’s one of those things we’re aware of, but have just lived with. VODD Design has developed an air filtration system that’s modular, multi-functional and beneficial to small and large communities. 

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A large rectangle with a muddy green color and next to it the words Minus Dust air pollution capture

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 91% of the planet’s population is breathing in air that exceeds the recommended pollution limits. Except in areas with visible smog, smoke or emissions, we mostly don’t see the problem. But our bodies do. In fact, the WHO attributes 4.2 million deaths per year to poor air quality.

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VODD, innovators in air quality solutions, have moved beyond standard indoor air filters to tackle outdoor air. Their distributed air pollution capture system MinusDUST is a unit comparable in size to an air conditioner or refrigerator. The mechanism takes in surrounding air and filters it inside the large, yet unobtrusive, units to increase air exchange. 

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The machines can be placed just about anywhere, making them ideal for urban areas. However, the company feels they are particularly useful in high-toxin zones such as near road builds and repairs, factories or construction sites. 

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“Poor air quality continues to damage the health of all living beings, particularly in the urban areas,” said VODD in a press release. “A mix of factors like vehicular and industrial emissions, dust, weather patterns, construction sites and more make the air quality highly toxic posing an imminent threat.”

A large rectangle box sits in an indoor parking structure that has yellow painted walls

MinusDUST helps the planet do the job it does naturally — filter the air through trees and plants — when humans aren’t overtaxing the system. With all the daily activities releasing pollutants in the air, clean air should be a major priority for the health of people and animals.

A large rectangle box sits underneath a staircase

MinusDUST units are intended to sit front and center rather than being tucked away in the back of the building or the basement. With this in mind, the facade of the unit can be used for advertising or maintain a subtle color or pattern that blends with the surrounding environment. The units are versatile and scalable, so they can be used on a single level of a construction project or outside the front door of a business. As a network working together, MinusDUST offers a low-maintenance and quiet way to provide cleaner air for employees, visitors and the general public. 

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