Kerosene lamps have been known to cause serious accidents in developing countries, but this new design by Alain Gilles provides a safe lighting alternative that relies simply on the energy of the sun to illuminate. Once fully charged, the Nomad lamp provides more than 6 hours of light at full intensity — more than enough to make it through the night. With the Nomad individuals can now cook, do homework, read or work into the night.

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The lamp is durable, flexible, and simple to use. It can be placed on the ground and sustain rough use thanks to a silicone disc that protects it from shocks and falls. With a built-in handle, it can become an overhead lamp, a spot lamp, or a lamp for those on the move.

Made from ABS plastic, it is powered by 12 energy efficient LEDs, a 5-watt solar panel and li-on battery. It can also be charged using a standard adaptor or a cigarette lighter socket, and with an integrated socket, it can even charge a mobile phone. Nomad is expected to be manufactured in China or Africa where the lamps are needed the most.

Commissioned by o’ sun, Gilles will showcase his design at Triennale di Milano during this year’s Milan Design Week. It is one of the designs that will be presented at the Belgium Is Design show.

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