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Ales Javurek, container vacation home competition, Bondi Beach, freight container design, sustainable design, sustainable materials, australia

Ales Javurek beat out 300 entries to take home first prize thanks to his stellar contemporary and sustainable design made out of steel shipping containers and wood panels. The home’s ability to blend in with the surroundingnatural environment and climate around Bondi Beach was key to the structure’s design. The architect explains, “One of my priorities was to keep current trees, amount of lawn and slope’s profile consisting three platforms. As a result, I created parking space on the highest level, separated from the house by existing trees, container vacation house on the middle level and swimming-pool area on the lowest part. Green lawn is moved to the roof, creating a really private garden with stunning view.”

The two-story home is comprised of an inviting open concept living space on the entrance level and private bedrooms on the upper floor. Horizontal wooden slabs are supported by slight columns and the shipping containers work to define each space on both floors. As far as sustainable features, the home’s energy needs are met by taking advantage of the area’s climate as well as additional special features. During the summer months, wooden pergolas are used to shade the interior from the sun and a lush green roof prevents overheating. The home uses a system of natural ventilation and light to provide a healthy interior atmosphere. In winter, glazed surfaces are used to take advantage of the area’s natural solar heat, while the green roof acts as insulation.

Via Architecture Lab