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The Green Mobile Project by Alexis Tricoire is a series of hanging mini gardens above a set of escalators. The mobiles’ sculptural form was inspired by shopping bags with a rectilinear volume with a cutout like shopping handles. Inside rich and luscious plants grow and spill out over the sides, like a bag full from shopping.

Part plant, sculpture and light fixture, the Green Mobiles are outfitted with mini LED lights to illuminate the plants. The mobiles are hung from a light bar that zig zags around the ceiling above the escalators. In keeping with the green theme, the mobiles were made from 3Form Varia with 40% recycled content. 3Form is a recycled eco resin product manufactured in the US that can be used for a variety of projects and here they were cut and formed together to create the shopping bag-inspired planters.

Via Contemporist

Images ©Alexis Tricoire