Imagine a world in which schoolchildren eat organic, locally sourced lunches rich with fruits and vegetables — some of them heirloom varietals, some of them grown on the school grounds. That is the world that Alice Waters, the celebrity chef at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse, is promoting through her Edible Schoolyard project. This week, as part of Chez Panisse’s 40th anniversary celebration, Waters threw a school lunch block party in downtown San Francisco, co-hosted by Levi’s — and Inhabitat was there to check it out.

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The celebration launched the Edible Schoolyard project into its own supporting foundation, and to get things rolling some rock stars — some literally, some figuratively — designed a set of Levi’s T-shirts that were also launched at the party. (Levi’s, you may have forgotten, is a local business in San Francisco.) The shirts are now available nationwide and online, and proceeds will benefit the foundation.

For $30, you could buy an organic cotton tee designed by David Byrne, one designed by film director Sophia Coppolla, one done by author Dave Eggers, one designed by author/illustrator Maira Kalman, or one sketched up by Waters herself. Each shirt’s paper tag contains seeds that can be planted.

Did we mention the food? The organizers were asking for a $5 donation for a box lunch that could healthfully, deliciously, and locally power a tot through the school day: a pulled chicken sandwich with roasted red peppers, shallots, tomato and aoli, with a greens salad, grapes and a fig. Fresh-squeezed orange juice and water were also on hand.

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