Although the Peugout BB1’s styling may be some of the funkiest design work we’ve seen, it’s causing quiet a stir in the Electric Vehicle world, and for good reason. The BB1 is part scooter, part car, and features two in-wheel electric motors and a solar panel equipped roof.

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Peugeot teamed up with tire maker Michelin to develop and implement the BB1’s in-wheel motors, which produce 20bhp each and an impressive 236lb ft of torque. Currently the BB1 has a top speed of 56mph and a range of 75 miles thanks to it’s lithium ion batteries located under the seats, but those figures are likely to improve as further development and refinement occurs.

The passengers in the car are in for a slight surprise, as there are practically no backrests to the seats. Instead the vehicle has a motorcycle-type seating arrangement where the rear passengers legs are wrapped around the front passengers seat. In keeping with this motorcycle style on the interior the car is steered with a pair of handle bars instead of a wheel that rotates 40 degrees. Peugout seems quiet serious about putting this car into production and are hinting at a price tag of 15,000 euros.

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Via Autoblog Green