This is a new kind of workspace called Pavilion O. Designed by Kettal Studio, this is a modular, aluminum structure that presents a brand-new take on flexible working.

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Neutral-tone office space

The design is made to offer a flexible way to divide offices into different zones which will create enclosed work areas when needed and open areas when desired. Moreover, Pavilion O is a simple, easy design that solves a whole lot of problems.

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Dark and warm office space with Pavilion O and curtains

Pavilion O is made with aluminum that can support many other materials, including glass, wood, fabric and fittings for additions like shelving and whiteboards. The design also allows for electrical cables and accessories to be added as needed. Meanwhile, features can be quickly adapted and changed around at will. The flexibility creates a fluid office environment that can be custom-tailored to the needs of the business not just week by week but day by day.

A reddish orange workspace

Next, Kettal uses a clipping system to make this modular design function. The designers call this the Click & Work system. Through the Click & Work design, everything is then adaptable, changeable and fluid.

Naturally-lit workspace with the flexible workspace

Additionally, the need for fluid workspaces is greater than ever in today’s high-tech, fast-paced world. Employees are working at home and on the road more, creating their own workspaces wherever they go. Businesses no longer need to maintain rows and rows of cubicles and huge office spaces, which create expenses that directly affect prices paid by clients and consumers.

More office spaces in greenish blue

Further, that means changeable, fluid spaces that can be used for work, conferences and other functions make sense in a world where workspaces, work schedules and work locations are totally flexible. It’s finally time for office spaces and work spaces to become more flexible.

That’s what Pavilion O is: a flexible, functional workspace that can become anything you need it to be. Modular spaces that are adaptable, flexible and can be installed anywhere eliminate the need for large concrete buildings and permanent office structures. This makes room for more organic, sustainable and eco-friendly designs in the workspace.

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Images via Kettal Studio