California-based Alvarez Electric Motors has just announced plans to release a line of new electric vehicles that could make owning a “green” vehicle more affordable than ever. Ramon Alvarez, who owns Lincoln and Jaguar dealerships in Riverside, CA has unveiled his vision for a nationwide network of Alvarez Electric Motors Company outlets, known as EcoCentres. The EcoCentre franchises will sell the company’s affordable Eco-E Commuter Car, EcoVan and EcoTruck, in addition to pre-owned alternative-fuel vehicles.

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“Americans who love the environment and hate the price of gasoline are showing an increasing level of interest in owning an electric vehicle, but they sometimes have been stymied by the relatively-high cost of ownership,” Alvarez, AEMC’s President, said. “AEMC is going to bridge that gap with a commuter car that is priced just under $10,000 and is eligible for thousands of dollars in rebates and tax credits through our local, state and federal governments.”

AEMC’s car, truck and van are neighborhood electric vehicles, or NEVs, which means that they are designed for in-town driving since they only reach a top speed of 25 mph and have a range of 30-40 miles. The two-seat Eco-E car is listed for $9,995, the EcoTruck sells for $16,995 and the EcoVan costs $17,995. Tax credits and local and state rebates will lower the cost of each vehicle even more. Alvarez estimates that the vehicles will use about $5 per month in electricity.

The first EcoCentre dealership, Fladeboe EcoCentre, will open in August at the Irvine Auto Center in Southern California. AEMC has signed letters of intent from dealers interested in opening EcoCentres in Riverside, San Bernardino, Glendale, Canoga Park and San Jose.

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