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The ultra lightcanopy is made up of 13 large and 30 smaller interlinked fiberglass petals varying in diameter from three to five meters. This allows even the lightest breeze to go through the structure and make it sway gently. The top of the structure was turned into a kind of “sound amplifier.” Illuminated by LEDsintegrated into the structure of the pavilion, the canopy creates an environment that merges visual with the auditory and synchronizes music with the light effects. This remarkable combination was created in collaboration with , lighting designer Ben Cobham and sound artist Matthias Schack-Arnott of Speak Percussion.

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Naomi Milgrom Foundation commissioned the MPavilion-the second of four pavilions built at the same site. Its temporary nature will allow different designers and architects to get a chance to participate in establishing what is said to become “Australia’s answer to the London’s annual Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.

+ Amanda Levete Architects

Via Dezeen

Photos by John Gollings, video by Radar Kane and Flying Dragon Aerial Cinematography