Besides luxury apartments and commercial spaces, OMA’s recently completed De Rotterdam tower boasts small space-saving apartments that look stylish and sleek without immediately revealing their amazing transformability. The building, which integrates many different functions into a small area, offers the more affordable living units without compromising on design quality.

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The smallest apartment in De Rotterdam is 60 square meters (645 square feet) in area and has two rooms. The architects decided to challenge themselves and turn it into a five-room apartment, using space-saving furniture, like folding beds that turn into a workspace or a sofa. In the living room there is a sofa on top of which a bed unfolds, and a dresser features decorative use of chairs that can hang on the wall like a piece of modern art. In the bedroom and workspace another bed unfolds, and a small dining table can be transformed into a large table for the most extravagant dinner parties.

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The apartment can be arranged so that a room can also function as a workspace, a guest room, and a cupboard room, all in one. It boasts technical innovation that allows the space to be transformed with a few simple actions.

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