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Spanning almost two decades, the project has invited a range of impressive designers to help give the existing 18 “National Tourist Routes” a revamp, making them even more spectacular than they already are. Another $63 million is expected to be donated by private and public partners to complete the project that was originally launched in 2002.

Completing the areas with walkways, restrooms, and public viewpoints, the designers’ works will help encourage tourists to stand back and take in the scenery. After ten years, the country now has about 120 sites with more to be unveiled this coming summer.

With such a massive price tag, the country hopes to lure in even more tourists and boost the Norway’s already flourishing industry. With that said, we’re sure that the stunning designs won’t hurt either!

+ Todd Saunders + Code Architecture + 3RW Works + Holmebakk Architechts + Manthey Kula + Juvet Hotel

Images courtesy of Todd Saunders, Code Architects, 3RW Works, Holmebakk Architects, Manthey Kula, Juvet Hotel, Paul Warchol and Hugo Fagermo.