If you read Inhabitat, chances are you’re a pretty avid recycler – but we’re pretty sure that you’re no match for Tito Ingenieri, who takes his recycling a bit further than your average sorting between paper, glass and plastic. He’s spent the last 19 years building a giant house in Quilmes, Buenos Aires out of over 6 million beer bottles! We can only hope he had a frat house nearby to help him source materials.

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All kidding aside, Ingenieri found most of his bottles on the streets near his home and even had neighbors save bottles for him. From the looks of the house, he then laid the multicolored bottles on their sides and stacked them to make the walls of the house.

Ingenieri has been working on the project for close to two decades. In addition to being made out of recycled materials, he says that the house acts as an alarm — whenever the river is rising, the southern winds make the bottles’ necks whistle.

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