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The new images show details of this incredible machine’s minimalist parts: a fresnel lens that concentrates the solar beams, a couple of small photovoltaic panels, an electric box/battery covered in aluminum foil, and a sun tracker. On the tray where the sun is beamed across the sand is an interesting silica sculpture ostensibly left over from Kayser’s last desert adventure.

On another table a bowl is displayed along with a plate. All of these incredibly durable pieces are precursors to even greater possibilities. Indeed, Kayser has expressed an interest in developing this technology to such an extent that it could be used to create sustainable construction materials for future buildings. If you’re in the city checking out the London Design Festival, we highly recommend a trip over to the Royal College of Art’s SUSTAIN exhibit to catch a glimpse of this award-winning design.

+ Markus Kayser

+ London Design Festival