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At first glance, FLÄPPS can look like a simple rectangular art print. Coming in plain white, black and white text balloons, a bouquet of flowers on blue, or patterns of colorful lines, the wooden pieces look like something to decorate your apartment with –not sit on. But each of the two panels within the rectangle are attached to sturdy folding hinges. One folds to the front to create a seat, and the other to the back to create a sturdy support. But the best part is storage — a stack of FLÄPPS folding chairs requires very little storage space, with a set of six fitting easily under a couch or in a closet!

The STREIPS model is a rectangle of attached slats, also emblazoned with printed pattern or artwork on either side of the wood. But with the turn of a gear, the flatboard opens, splaying each slat in opposite directions. The criss-cross piece can be used as an easy foldout seat, or turned upside down and used as a magazine rack. Customers can even buy a translucent plexiglass top in a rich blue hue, making the STREIPS an end table.

Aside from being incredibly stylish and easily storable, both pieces lower their carbon footprints with theirflat pack design, and save space and energy when being transported from place to place!