If you’re wondering whether an average-sized person would feel cramped living in one of NYC’s new micro apartments, how about someone who’s 7’10”? According to the East Side Gazette, Henry Prater, who is currently the United States’ tallest living man, will be moving into one of the Big Apple’s smallest dwellings this week. While it may seem like a bit of a marketing ploy on the part of the building’s developers, Prater says that it was entirely his own decision to make the move from his current 1,350-sq-ft digs, and that he is not being compensated in any way by the city or other backers of the project.

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“It’s actually perfect for my needs,” said Prater, who is currently ranked as America’s tallest man, and the third tallest man in the world. “I’m planning to spend a lot of time hanging out around town outside of my apartment anyway. Plus the ceilings in here are actually very tall. And I won’t even need a ladder to reach the loft storage.”

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But not everyone is convinced that the vertically-gifted urbanite will be able to last in such limited square footage.

“The new apartment is smaller than Henry’s room growing up,” said Prater’s mother Dorothy, who is 6’3″ herself. “I’m not sure how I’ll be able to come visit him now in such a tiny space. I usually pack a lot of luggage and my sister usually comes with me too.

“Gee, that’s too bad mom,” said Prater. “I guess you’ll have to get a hotel from now on.”

April Fool’s everyone! We hope you enjoyed this bit of humor from the Inhabitat editors. Now back to the real news.