Amy’s Kitchen, already a trusted name in vegetarian frozen meals and convenience foods, plans to open a drive-thru restaurant about 50 miles north of San Francisco this summer. The restaurant will feature a host of all-vegetarian American fare options, ranging from burgers and pizza to burritos and vegan milkshakes. In addition to a tasty and healthy menu, Amy’s also plans to make their building as energy efficient and drought-resistant as possible, recognizing the delicate nature of drought conditions in California. Could vegetarian fast food be part of the solution to our worsening climate conditions?

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Amy’s Drive Thru has revealed that its menu will include vegetarian burgers, pizza, macaroni and cheese, burritos and more, all made 100 percent vegetarian. Just like Amy’s grocery store products, the Rohnert Park restaurant will also omit peanuts and eggs, making the foods friendlier for people with allergies. Amy’s will even serve milkshakes and vegan non-dairy shakes. The company says every menu item will be available in a vegan or gluten-free version, with zero GMO ingredients, and 95 percent of the products on the menu are organic. Amy’s plans to source many local ingredients as well.

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There are more vegetarian and vegan options at fast food chains than ever before, but throwing a veggie burger on the menu doesn’t really go very far in terms of saving the planet or making people healthier. An entirely vegetarian restaurant like Amy’s Drive Thru has more potential in those departments, though. Some world health and environmental agencies, and even the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), agree that raising livestock for food is an irresponsible use of natural resources. In a water-starved area like California, turning to vegetarian fare could make a huge impact. Amy’s will also install a rooftop garden of drought-tolerant plants to “reduce [the] building’s energy needs and significantly expand a roof’s lifespan,” according to a press release. A rainwater collection system will also help divert water for irrigation and further reduce the building’s resource usage. Can Amy’s Drive Thru use its green building practices and delicious, drought-resistant menu to set an example for how to save the world?

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