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The 1060-square-meter warehouse, which once functioned as a food manufacturing factory, was altered to house a large living room, four bedrooms, kitchen, music room, and a large terrace and swimming pool. The most exciting addition is the sleeping pod- a sculptural structure sitting in the middle of the upper floor, housing the owner’s private suite. This cave-like space reflects the overall design attitude of the architects, who had to create a residence with optimal levels of privacy, while introducing additional light.

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The walls and ceilings are spayed with VOC white resin, while the entire space boasts a variety of materials and textures, tiles, fabrics and wood. The en suite floor has a finishing that is traditionally used for yachts to increase durability. At night, the house is lit with LED’s, including anLEDilluminated skirt which can act as a projection screen ideal for movie nights.

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