Ferry Meadows, a 1,700-acre park in Peterborough, England, is transforming. A 10-year master plan for the site includes the breathtaking Glenn Howells Lakeside Project, a climbing center that is sure to become the focal point of the entire project. The design is a striking marvel of innovation and incredible engineering.

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Two red, angular volumes making up a building by a serene lake.

Facilities inside the center will complement the outdoor activities available throughout the park. The climbing center will be part of the existing Nene Outdoors watersports and activity center. Together with the new center, this area will become a hub for activity, sports, recreation and leisure of all types.

A rending of a tall triangular building with a faded red facade.

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The design of the building was inspired by the geometry and materials involved in climbing. This stunning design will become a landmark for the park, a focal point that adds distinction to the area. But the project isn’t just about the building, as beautiful as it is. The all-inclusive plan honors the landscape as well. The number of trees in the park will be increased to grow a thicker canopy cover. New landscaping will be planted, including bird- and pollinator-friendly plants.

Project plans highlighting various areas of the building.

The Olympic standard climbing center has been designed with exacting detail to create a unique look. The interior of the building will provide plenty of climbing space. The center will also help provide recreational space for everyone to enjoy even in the winter.

Project plans highlighting various structural components of the building.

Sport climbing is a newer addition to the Olympics, performed on a vertical climbing wall with positive and negative angles. These angles are also known as slabs and overhangs. Even for non-Olympians, climbing is a great way to exercise, and it’s a great test of the mind and the body. It’s also a good way to get out and socialize. This new climbing center is about building a strong community while maintaining a beautiful environment and providing space for recreation and sport. 

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