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According to von Chrismar, “The wicker woven surfaces change their behavior in an opposite way from design to architecture.” Essentially woven architecture is more flexible and therefore more resistant to stretching than smaller pieces. Each of von Chrismar’s screens took 5 days to weave. They are 118 inches tall, 354 inches long, and the whole set of them take up 89 square feet. Most surprisingly, though comprised of nearly weightless strands of willow, each piece of wicker architecture weighs 100 pounds!

In addition to having a more feminine quality than geometric designs, we love how the wicker architecture creates a dappled light effect and copious shade. Structural integrity is also important and achieved by paying special attention to the fiber’s design, structure, and thickness. Although it may not seem like it first, this natural, renewable material is an excellent alternative to carbon-intense building materials such as concrete, and right up there with bamboo on the aesthetically-pleasing index.

+ Andrea von Chrismar

Via Arch Daily