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Andrew Maynard’s HOUSE House is owned by a single extended family and it consists of two homes set right next to each other. Originally, an extension jutted out into the back yards and all but eliminated any outdoor space. The new renovation by Andrew Maynard actually increases outdoor space while providing slightly more interior space and making the entire project more useful for the family. After removing the original addition, Maynard built a new timber block on the back, which is separated from the original house by a transparent gap. This glass gap acts as a light well that fills the back part of the home with light. It also serves as an atrium that allows hot air to vent up and out through louvers in the summer (via the stack effect).

Built from sustainably sourced timber, the addition is both modern and warm and it creates an obvious contrast between the older portion of the home. The backside faces the west and windows are minimized in order to limit solar gain, while the rest of the windows were replaced with double-paned units to increase efficiency. Insulation in the walls and roof was increased to minimize energy loss, and louvered windows can be adjusted for ventilation and sunlight as needed. Finally, a rooftop solar system provides energy for the project.

The goal of HOUSE House was to show that urban renovations are a great way to encourage high density living in the city. By improving existing buildings, the overall neighborhood is improved, which encourages community. Rather than moving completely, the family made the most of their existing space and created an improved backyard in which to enjoy the outdoors.

Images ©Peter Bennetts