If you think foldable bikes are great for commuting, you will love the idea of cruising the city on a foldable electric scooter. The MOVEO collapsible vehicle weighs only 25kg and can be wheeled as a suitcase onto public transport or tucked away for easy storage. The scooter was developed by Andro, a Hungarian non-profit focused on green transportation, and is planned to hit the market in 2014. The team is currently looking for investing partners through their crowdfunding campaign onJumpStartCity.

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The carbon composite material used for the scooter’s body makes the vehicle lightweight and easy to transport through the city. The wheels are completely covered to protect the user from dirt. Thanks to its LED lights, low consumption and maintenance costs, MOVEO can drive 100km for as little as € 0,3. It has a battery range of 22 miles per charge and can reach a speed of 28 mph.

First introduced in 2008, MOVEO went through a series of development stages- in 2011 the third working prototype was unveiled and the company received an international patent for the folding mechanism and the self-supporting monocoque body in 2012. The initial price for the scooter could range from $3,100 to $4,600.

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