When disaster strikes, one of the first items that’s handed out as a means of humanitarian aid is a blanket. Not only will it keep the recipient warm, but also gives a protective hug to the wearer, which is of vital importance to those who have lost everything. The “Given Coat”, designed by textile artist Anna Leschinger, is a warm blanket that transforms into a coat without any need for sewing—just a few minor adjustments. Each coat consists of a 60 x 78-inch blanket that has 8 holes and 14 feet of straps, which wrap around and through the blanket to convert it.

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Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer in troubled times, so Anna has also designed a convertible blanket for children, which transforms into a soft, cuddly toy bear. An inbuilt string system allows the bear to be created with just a few tucks, and can bring immense comfort to those who are traumatized. Both the bear blanket and the Given Coat can be re-created with any kind of textile and straps/or ropes with minimal expense and time. As such, it can be reproduced easily, anywhere in the world.

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