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Vought’s pieces seem almost too delicate to hold up themselves. The artist cuts away each letter, line and curve of script, yet words hold together, keeping the continuity and shape of the original piece of paper. Leaving only the handwriting guidelines and letters, she cuts away the negative spaces, making each line of the author’s letters a paper sculpture in its own right. Although the pieces look as if they could come apart with rough handling, the artist says they are actually strong, the handwriting being a strong support for the structure of each piece.

Vought’s pieces vary in style, depending on the original author’s handwriting style. Making large photocopies, the authors’ hand is preserved, in every individual loop and scribble, fusing their style with the artist’s own. Through highlighting the penmanship and words, Vought hopes to portray a snippet of what the author’s personality is like.

The paper-cut letters preserve the beauty of handwriting, but are inspired by the rise of computers, email and text messages. With the notion of a handwritten letter becoming almost antiquated and quaint, Vought’s pieces pay tribute to the beauty of the written word.

+ Annie Vought